Thursday, November 1, 2012

Got The Cannabis Oil

This is my first day of using the Cannabis oil. It's a thick resin that's removed from the bottle with a toothpick. The starting dose is a tiny amount, a smidgeon on the end of the toothpick. I took the first dose about 30 minutes ago and noticed it has an almost immediate muscular relaxation effect on the entire body, and yes, pain is lessened. yeigh. Looks like I'll get some sleep tonight. 

The moving process completely thrashed my back. I can't lift much with the swollen arm so I used my right arm to lift which produced a strain to the right side of my back. Then I pulled a muscle in the left leg so I was hobbling around using the right arm to take weight off the injured left leg, which resulted in more strain to the right side. I didn't have a cane so I used a mop as a cane, should've got a picture of that. By time we got done I could barely move in any direction. I'm positive my spine is completely out of alignment. I lost some weight, which is not good. The cancer responded to all the stress, late nights, and increased work by accelerating rabidly. It's looking pretty scary. 

I haven't found a new place yet. It doesn't seem like people are real excited to rent to a 56 year old woman with breast cancer. I wonder why. ha. I could keep that to myself but it's such a part of my life now that it seems pointless and tiresome to hide it. And since my arm is noticeably swollen, I'd have to lie about that. I hate lying. It's too distracting. Renting a room has issues as well. When a room is rented in someone else's home, it's like being immersed in someone else's life. That can also be very distracting. I like things at home to be simple, functional, comfortable. Things like blaring tv's and bad housekeeping habits make me nervous. (There are not that many people I want to share a bathroom with, either.)  The whole roommate thing just doesn't work at this age. 

Nevertheless, I have to make a decision in the next few weeks. A place to complete the healing process or a place to complete the dying process. My household things are all in storage, so at this point I could go in either direction. My first choice is to heal, but life being what it is, it's hard to predict how things will change from here. 

2nd day Update 11/02/2012 : I took 3 doses of the oil yesterday and today. In just 24 hours, the difference in my level of pain has gone from 7-9 to about 4-5.  (scale of 1-10) I had no pain in my lymphedema arm today at all, I can walk a little easier, and I feel calmer. I don't feel much of an intoxicated effect, far less than a pain killer or a glass of wine in fact.

3rd day Update 11/03/2012 : Felt very relaxed all day, sleepy, content to be still. My arm is a little less swollen, a lot more comfortable, and I haven't had pain all day, except for the lower back which is still pretty thrashed.

I learned a new word today. "Insha'Allah" which means, by the Grace of God, or God willing. 


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