Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rife Frequency treatment for Lymphedema

I've been using a lymph program on the rife machine that takes 10 minutes. It has the effect of reducing the swelling in my arm by about 25%, and softens the swollen tissues which have a tendency to become hard. (hardening is a bad development) It also increased the range of motion in that arm by about 70% (which is nice because it was getting difficult to braid my hair or floss) and reduced my pain and discomfort by at least 50%. The effect was noticeable the first day I ran the program. I feel very encouraged by the result.

I worry about infection in that arm because that event would force me to go to the hospital which is a place I don't want to be anywhere near. I've managed that aspect to date by careful observation and immediate action when signs of potential problems appear. Immediate action includes simple things like resting and elevating my arm, drinking more water, potassium soup, and green drinks. I also use the DPL light therapy daily which is supposed to break down the protein in the lymph, thinning it and therefore allowing the fluid better natural movement. (I think I have that right) It seems to me that the Rife lymph frequency program also reduces redness and irritation, so I hope that means it reduces the chance of infection also.

I stick around the house a lot and avoid germy places. For general frequent cleaning of most-used surfaces, I keep a spray bottle of water with white vinegar in it. I don't always wear gloves when I wash dishes (I like the warm water) but always wear gloves around plants and dirt. I'm active and touch a lot of things so I wash my hands a lot but that does cause issues with dryness and irritation. Not sure what the remedy is for that, I use organic sunflower oil for moisturizer since it's a Budwig diet approved oil. It's said "don't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat" because essentially you are ingesting that through your skin.

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