Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cabbage Poultices

A few weeks ago, lymphedema came to visit my arm, which is still about twice the normal size. I found a light therapy device mentioned on a Lymphedema forum : Pretika Lightsonic ST197. The Pretika  Lightsonic has great reviews for use in Lymphedema, but it's been unavailable/sold out since 2010.  So my daughter Bonnie ordered a red light that seems to have the same specs:  Red Light Therapy  and it'll be here in a few days.

In the meantime I've been reading about Cabbage Poultices, and that's what I'm doing today: mashing an organic cabbage in the vita-mix and making a poultice for my arm. Bonnie says I get carried away experimenting on myself so I'm going to be careful, first cover a very small area for a test run just in case there's an unexpected reaction. Cabbage, who would think, well here goes. 

Here's the results: definite but slight improvement. Swelling on my lower arm reduced by about 25%. I think the poultice has some merit but since it takes an entire organic cabbage for one application and no one else who lives in your home will like it (Cabbage has a distinct, lingering essence that lingers in the air for hours, be forewarned) this probably isn't a miracle cure, but, good to know, the cabbage poultice does help to reduce swelling. It would be great for a temporary treatment and on a fully functioning lymphatic system it probably works better.

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