Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dr Tony

I talked to Dr. Tony Jimenez from The Hope4cancer Institute this morning.  He reviewed the medical records I sent him and outlined a one year treatment program for me. After listening to the description of the one year plan, I thought maybe I better start sorting my things to who gets what because one year of treatment might be totally out of my reach. I expected to hear that it would cost $50,000 + and I was thinking that there is no one in this world who values my life more than $50,000, except my children,  and I started looking at the clothes in my closet wondering if I should start getting rid of things to make it easier on my kids. A little panic with the hope.

The first two weeks are at the clinic in Rosarito, Mexico followed by a specific home treatment program with a daily link to the clinic for  the first 6 months at home. All equipment and medicines are supplied. The cost is 28,500.00. About the same as a new car. I don't have 28,500 but I'm still excited and relieved that the cost is not astronomically out of reach,  it's only moderately out of reach.

The treatment protocol will include  BX anti-toxin, Photo-Dynamic Therapy, local & whole body hyperthermia, oxygen therapy, and some others. I'll have to give myself a shot in the rear weekly during the home part. I'll write more about the treatments.

Brad's medical bills for 18 months was about $550,000 (Kaiser) for which he received 18 months of horror treatments and then death. I don't know who benefited from that, but he sure didn't. He died extremely disfigured with lymphedema, unable to eat, essentially he starved until his kidneys failed. Yes, I am still angry about that. I'll probably never quite get over those memories, no matter how many times I'm advised by well-meaning people to "let it go".

I can get a radical mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy, hospice care and then cremation, all paid for by the State of California. Cost to taxpayers:  somewhere between $350,000 to  $750,000.  But apparently the State of California is pretty broke, and who would benefit from that? I'd die, taxpayers would lose. The corporations that own the hospitals, drugs and medical supplies are the only ones who would do well for themselves, followed by Surgeons and Doctors, and of course the benefit would then trickle down to the hospice & mortuary employees and so on. My body could be viewed as an expendable commodity.  But I'm voting no on that, get yer economy building commodity somewhere else.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cabbage Poultices

A few weeks ago, lymphedema came to visit my arm, which is still about twice the normal size. I found a light therapy device mentioned on a Lymphedema forum : Pretika Lightsonic ST197. The Pretika  Lightsonic has great reviews for use in Lymphedema, but it's been unavailable/sold out since 2010.  So my daughter Bonnie ordered a red light that seems to have the same specs:  Red Light Therapy  and it'll be here in a few days.

In the meantime I've been reading about Cabbage Poultices, and that's what I'm doing today: mashing an organic cabbage in the vita-mix and making a poultice for my arm. Bonnie says I get carried away experimenting on myself so I'm going to be careful, first cover a very small area for a test run just in case there's an unexpected reaction. Cabbage, who would think, well here goes. 

Here's the results: definite but slight improvement. Swelling on my lower arm reduced by about 25%. I think the poultice has some merit but since it takes an entire organic cabbage for one application and no one else who lives in your home will like it (Cabbage has a distinct, lingering essence that lingers in the air for hours, be forewarned) this probably isn't a miracle cure, but, good to know, the cabbage poultice does help to reduce swelling. It would be great for a temporary treatment and on a fully functioning lymphatic system it probably works better.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Breast is a Wreck

I found a little pea sized lump in my left breast in 2005. It grew over time and is now a 10+ cm  tumor with what appears to be Paget's Disease. My left breast is a scary wreck and should probably be featured in a medical journal. The nipple is completely gone & there is a deep gash drawing in towards my armpit. The skin on top of that is scary but for some reason after my nipple disappeared, the skin healed over in that spot. That breast is destroyed. I, on the other hand, am still in fairly good order under the circumstances. I'm hoping to go to the Hope4Cancer Institute in Mexico and plan to post pics and posts about my daily treatments there. In the meantime I'll add some information about the protocols I've used in the past 6 years that have helped keep me alive to this point. 

One reason I don't freak out about the ruined breast is because, one, it's just a breast, and two, my husband lived with such extreme facial disfigurement that this seems like a small problem in comparison. I never saw anyone so brave to live and die with what happened to him, what was done to him by his "doctors." They should've been called mad scientists instead. (May those bastards and all of their progeny rot in hell for what they did to him). 

One thing that will be different about this breast cancer blog is that I haven't had any traditional western medical treatment, no surgery, chemo, radiation, or biopsy. The majority of my treatment will be unapproved by the AMA. Thank God. 

One thing that always worried me was reading other breast cancer blogs and seeing that most of them just stopped posting one day and I'd wonder what happened to them. Did they get better, worse, or die? So another thing that will be different about this blog is that I'll continue adding posts whether I'm getting better or worse.