Saturday, March 30, 2013

Morning fun at hanford Adventist !!

It is 12:15 in the morning !  I an laying in my dirty hispitable bed waiting for something...  Don't know what. I got an enenema and then the nurse though it would be a greatc idea. To have a physical therapy session while that was in in progress. Eanwhie PT guys come strolling in while. I am nakedz. Greatifdea!!!wow!!


  1. maybe once in a great while maybe someone stops in here and reads what you wrote. maybe. i'm the one you only wanted to do nice things for you. then i found out how obsessive and volatile you could be when i invited you to stay with me. new years eve and im sleeping in my car because you are out of control and i finally had to call the police on you. then i hauled you back to your normal daughter. later when you were down n out i sent you money and wanted to hold your sickly hand. little did i know what horrible nasty things you wrote on the web about me that i can never erase. so you truly did deserve the end that came to you, basically your rotten self oozing to the surface, slow death from the inside out. 'beauty on the surface, ugly to the bone'. r.i.p. j. christenen

  2. well i found out that those horrible things you wrote have disappeared from the web, and yes i was upset and rightly so, but whats done is done and past is past. i wish you peace in your long sleep.

    1. Unfortunately those horrible nasty things you wrote will never be erased, thanks!

  3. All true jessika.all true every word. u r still alive effn amazing u r!!