Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Breast is a Wreck

I found a little pea sized lump in my left breast in 2005. It grew over time and is now a 10+ cm  tumor with what appears to be Paget's Disease. My left breast is a scary wreck and should probably be featured in a medical journal. The nipple is completely gone & there is a deep gash drawing in towards my armpit. The skin on top of that is scary but for some reason after my nipple disappeared, the skin healed over in that spot. That breast is destroyed. I, on the other hand, am still in fairly good order under the circumstances. I'm hoping to go to the Hope4Cancer Institute in Mexico and plan to post pics and posts about my daily treatments there. In the meantime I'll add some information about the protocols I've used in the past 6 years that have helped keep me alive to this point. 

One reason I don't freak out about the ruined breast is because, one, it's just a breast, and two, my husband lived with such extreme facial disfigurement that this seems like a small problem in comparison. I never saw anyone so brave to live and die with what happened to him, what was done to him by his "doctors." They should've been called mad scientists instead. (May those bastards and all of their progeny rot in hell for what they did to him). 

One thing that will be different about this breast cancer blog is that I haven't had any traditional western medical treatment, no surgery, chemo, radiation, or biopsy. The majority of my treatment will be unapproved by the AMA. Thank God. 

One thing that always worried me was reading other breast cancer blogs and seeing that most of them just stopped posting one day and I'd wonder what happened to them. Did they get better, worse, or die? So another thing that will be different about this blog is that I'll continue adding posts whether I'm getting better or worse. 

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