Monday, June 11, 2012

Rife frequencies and pissed offness

The Rife frequencies do have some positive effects. The lymphedema is under control, not getting worse, skin integrity on that arm is very good and showing no signs of infection.  There are also some sine frequencies that are healing and calming, very useful. I didn't get the manual with the machine because it was another $130.00 and I thought I could use online references instead. But now it's coming in the mail, a gift from my mother in Missouri. I'll be glad to get it. I think the Rife machines should always include the manual with the purchase. That would be very sensible.

Some things are improving but my overall health is declining and I feel my body weakening. I'm feeling less and less interested in the outside world and it's events. I was always a sociologist at heart so I still pay attention and think about world events and social behavior. But I feel resignation setting in.

There is one goal left that still motivates my interest.. I still have the desire to recover my community property and the assets that were supposed to transfer to me upon my husband's death in 2007. Brad's Yahoo shares alone were said to be worth 24 million. Sounds unbelievable, yes I know that. You'd have to know Brad, who his extended family are, and the history of his true investment background to know it's true.

I don't like being ridiculed and disregarded for speaking the truth, but as it turns out I'm still in good company on that one: 5 Famous Scientists Dismissed As Morons in Their Time . Not to say I rate their positions, I'm not a scientist or famous. But the point is, the truth is often discounted and people who speak the truth are often ridiculed.

When Brad died I received nothing. His life insurance, retirement funds, all his real estate and corporate investments were collected by his relatives who had started the process of relieving him of his assets right after we got married and in far more extensive increments after he got sick. Many of those assets had me listed as beneficiary. No problem, they just did what they've been doing for years; false identities, phony notarizations, trusts set up that I can't touch and don't even know the location of. One of the family attorneys befriended me on Facebook so that he could snoop on me; Justin Shrenger of Los Angeles. From my research and what I've seen in public records it looks very much as if Justin is the attorney who helped Brad's relatives set up the phony trusts and property transfers after Brad died.

I believe to this day my in-laws are still holding, transferring, investing our/my property for their personal use. Of course, it is horrendous and sounds unbelievable. And, there is nothing I can do about it without cultural power or money. I have neither. I have words, that's all. I can say what happened. And since I'm probably going to die without adequate healthcare I feel it is right to keep speaking what is true on my way out. That's what I have left, the truth. If I am judged for this so be it.

Whatever friends I had left in 2007 when Brad died quickly dissipated to none after I was left with nothing and sick with grief and cancer on top of that. When I (rarely) express how I feel about what happened to us I am informed that I am bitter and negative. Well crap it's not as if I went postal on those bastards that ripped us off. Some idiots have no idea of what bitter and negative is. They just know what your useful value is to them, which is zero when you have nothing to take or get. That's the way of the world. If I sound pissed well excuse the crap out of me. Im busy trying to figure out if human life has any true inherent value at all.

The cleansing protocols cause emotional cleansing as well as physical. I know that's happening. I may have some even more "negative" things to say on my way out of this crappy war mongering money grubbing world. As far as I can tell human beings have been shitting on each other since time began. Dying is probably like leaving for a vacation in Tahiti.

These are some of the public records for one of the first properties my husband invested in. Not just the condo. The entire development it sits in. My husband was a wealthy man on paper. This is the property I first got the loan records on while Brad was still alive. When he saw all the loans and transfers of ownership his trustee had on this property he was shocked and angry. As an explanation, his mother told him she had a gambling problem and couldn't help herself. After that confrontation, the rip-off didn't decrease, it accelerated.

Jesikamay PDF : 2218 Camilar
This was my husband's property. Period. All those loans and sketchy transfers/sales took place without his consent. And P.S. I was Brad's first love and the only woman he ever married...he would NEVER in a million years have left me penniless and homeless. And that's what pisses me off the most...that what his relatives did makes it look like he abandoned me. Their actions dishonored him, his wife, and even his memory.

Arlene Kennaley advised me (on the phone in 2009) regarding how "dangerous" it was to continue investigating the 2218 Camilar property.  She kept saying "You don't understand what kind of people you're investigating", then called back three times the same afternoon to keep warning me. (Her son is Roy Koyama, one of the "buyers" for 2218 Camilar.)  Um ya right, I know perfectly well what I'm investigating. What? Are they going to kill me? Oh excuse me while I laugh my ass off. They already killed me. What they have now is an infuriated widow with nothing left to lose and a permanent target called "the bastards who ripped us off." If I wasn't a believer in the one and only living God, they'd be the ones who should be afraid. No Arlene, you have that wrong. YOU don't know who you're dealing with.

I might as well share this one again as well: my husband's family have been involved in organized crime for decades. That's one very pertinent reason why I haven't been able to get legal help. What I get are legal secretaries who review my records and get wide-eyed with outright fear and apprehension. Then they advise me to consider acting in a way that won't get me murdered. very goddamn funny.

I didn't know about Brad's family being immersed in criminal activity until after he died. I read journals he had kept in younger years and had time to reflect on the things he had said. When we were young he used to ask me to leave the country with him, just disappear he would say. After we were older and married, he said to me "at least you got away" referring to my leaving him when we were younger. I didn't know what he meant and he wouldn't explain. I wish I had known.

I'm not afraid of organized crime even though I have personally listened to grown men come close to crying on the phone begging me not to involve them. (Peter Braun) Powerful wealthy men. Hmph.. Spineless morons who sold their soul for more money and power.. tough for them. Even though I have been threatened, warned and watched for years I still sleep soundly. Bet those polished up international corporate crook creeps can't claim the same.

Well that was a long vent heh heh. I'm pretty sure no one even gets this far down the page into my rant so maybe I'll start making a habit of saying exactly whatever I want to say. What am I risking that I haven't already lost. Nothing. And I am already primarily maligned as delusional in this regard so there is no one to impress or not impress. The people who know it's true make distance quickly. What the hell is so frightening? They might lose their life or their money? Well guess what we are all going to lose those two things eventually. I'm disgusted with people's morals. There is no sense of honor left for the great majority. If I wasn't leaving my children behind I'd be glad to get the hell off this crappy planet that is infested with human beings who have the 'sold-their-soul' disease.

And while I'm still in this heinous mood I might as well add my closing comment... Here it is heh heh: People of Planet Earth, you are pathetic in your inability to stand up. You are so afraid of discomfort that you cower up to any hand that will feed you. You stand by idly while corporations destroy your habitat, you watch while your neighbor's property is seized, you look the other way when they are raped and imprisoned. Lose your money. Lose your home. Lose your loved ones. But dumbasses, what you need at the end is your intact honor.

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