Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kombucha Tea

My Kombucha Tea Scoby died last month after I poured flax oil from the frig into the continuous brew jar, thinking it was the tea mixture I had made earlier, oops. I finally got the fresh scoby and started a new batch, now I have Kombucha tea every day again. This homemade tea is one of the natural medicinals I wouldn't want to go without. It saves me a lot of money since it's loaded with live probiotics and digestive enzymes. It also has an interesting medicinal history

Visit from a friend: I've known this man for 40 years. 

My energy level is improving now that I'm drinking the Kombucha tea again. As for packing to get ready to move, I've cleaned out, organized and packed the garage, and then had to rest for about two weeks. My arm swelled up and had to be elevated full time, and I managed to get a few new items listed on my online Etsy shop

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