Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Manzanita Ranch

When I was younger, I had a recurring dream I was traveling back to Manzanita Ranch. The road was very long and I wasn't sure what direction to go in to get there. I kept getting lost and there were no familiar landmarks. After a long, long time, I finally got there and walked down the hill towards the ranch house; that's where I would stay, in one of the rooms. There was a new structure on the property that looked like a fire look-out, and Brad wasn't with me.. it's been so long since I've had that dream that, although it was very detailed, I can only vaguely recall it now.

When someone told me in 2009 how much my husband's Yahoo shares were worth, my next thought was, I could buy Manzanita Ranch. That thought changed my world.

In fact, if I recovered Brad's Yahoo investments alone, I could completely refurbish the entire ranch and turn it back into a very special, fully functioning, self-sustaining healing retreat, which is what it's always been, in one form or another. So I decided to put more effort into my investigative research, because the thought of being able to own and manage this special ranch gave me a great hope...and a reason to consider living, even without Brad, who was my heart. Here's my Manzanita Ranch song.

Brad and I at the ranch in 1971
A popular album that summer was this one. 

Brad 1972

1999 Below

Our last Photo together, taken in 2005 right after we found out he had throat cancer.

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