Saturday, December 29, 2012

Out of hospital

I'm officially at a motel for 10 days. The hospital has released me based on my refusal to commence radiation and chemotherapy immediately, which they claim is "refusing treatment". Funny thing is I do believe, people with normal medical insurance get to make those choices. So why wouldn't I?

At present I am horribly uncomfortable, the bronchitis is coming back since I got off the antibiotics too soon. Dr. Fratkin of hospice care at St Joes said (only 2 days ago) that he would continue to work with me but when I called yesterday to ask if the antibiotics could be continued, he said I wil have to go to the Emergency Room or make an appointment at the local clinic for further treatment.

I don't know what's up with this corporation hospital but I do know that they released me without any true concern for my well being.  Clear where their concern is at, its on something other than my Heath status. I can't drive, I can barely walk. I need daily care. I had to have my son come to get me. I can't even make a meal to eat.

 The lymphedema and bronchitis needs to be taken care of before slamming my body with anything else. Why is that not obvious?

There is one certified lymphedema doctor in Eureka, she's on vacation until the 7th. Julian's calling to make the appointment. The lymphedema is worse than its ever been, extremely uncomfortable. There is no money for out of the area trips, I have to wait until she gets back. I have no idea whether Medi-cal will pay for lymphedema treatment. I've heard that its minimal treatment with Medi-cal insurance,  or maybe none at all. I'm praying I can get that treatment. The lymph swelling is so bad it's affecting everything, my back is looking like scoliosis and I can barely get around because of the weight on the side, pulling. I'm miserable.

The bronchitis is coming back, congestion, coughing up stuff. I feel so sick. Dear God, please help me.

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