Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sanoviv - Rosarito, Mexico

Sanoviv - A Healing Retreat

This looks like a great choice for treatment. The cost is reasonable and includes diagnostic tests, treatment, lodging, meals. If the healing didn't happen, this would be a great place to spend your last days, if it is affordable to you. Beautiful location right on the ocean.

Why is it we can't have hospitals like this in the United States? The cost of treatment is substantially less than U.S. Treatment, and you go home in one piece, looking and feeling good. There is no excuse.

Sanoviv Testimonials:

Anna Marie Donaca

I've been listening to "The Contemplative Journey" series by Father Thomas Keating. I highly recommend it to anyone who's isolated and or ill. He has a very nice voice, and great things to explain. I found a cassette set in new condition at the local thrift for $9.00, but someone out there paid full price, didn't use it, then donated it to thrift, never knowing some woman almost dying of breast cancer would be listening to it, thinking, I'm so glad I have this. It always strikes me how far an individual's actions reach even without their awareness of where that energy went. 

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